Friday, October 19, 2012

Apt 138

Alright everyone - this is looong, and I mean looong overdue. My sincere apologies for being so behind on my entries. It's been a whirlstorm of craziness lately (in a good way) so I haven't had much time to keep updated (although I have had time to cook/enjoy some good food).

On Columbus Day Hubby took me to Brooklyn. I've never been before, so it was my first encounter with the avant-garde gastronomical center of the world.

We wandered the streets a bit, and then went to Apartment 138 for lunch. I wanted to get Mexican, but missed my chance. So we ended up here.

It's a nice little place decked out with lots of greenery and natural settings that made it at once rustic and cosy, just like your own apartment. I really liked their dining tables made out of rustic wood, that gave it a cabin camping feel.

There were only a couple of tables occupied when we got it around 12.30. There were a table of ladies and one of their kids chatting away. It seemed like their regular hangout place. There were a couple by the bar chatting with the friendly bartender. It seemed like a pretty chill neighborhood hangout.

Being Canadian, I got the poutine, which was two eggs over easy on top of fries smothered with gravy and cheese curds. Tasted just like - if not even better - than the original Montreal poutine. Loved, loved, loved it!

I'm usually not a fan of eggs, but loved these eggs because they were cooked just enough to melt over your fries, giving a nice smooth contrast to the cheesy, crunchy goodness.

Only thing is that it can get a little overbearing at times, which is why I'm glad it wasn't served in a huge serving. At first I thought they were skipping, but upon my last couple of bites I knew why. It's too much to handle for someone my size, so they have to cut down on the calories lest you burst your belt.

Hubby got the house burger with a side of fries. I tried to persuade him to get a salad on our behalf, but he refused = (

All gone

I can't comment on his burger, but I'm sure it was pretty good, as he smothered it away before I even finished my poutine.

Last bite of poutine

I gave my last bite to him, and he finished it off with relative ease.

Then I check out their pool table/garden lounge downstairs. It's connected to the kitchen, so you can see all the chefs working away. Too bad it was too cold to play a game of foosball.

We wandered down the streets a bit afterwards. I found this cute picture of a Korean girl, that reminded me of myself.

There were some really tempting cake displays at Betty.

And who can't resist a cute little dinosaur sporting the "Melting Pot?" (not sure how they're related though...)

Apt 138

**** (4/5 stars)

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