Monday, October 1, 2012

Greek Yogurt

Ever felt like you need a quick, light meal?

The other day I was feeling like something light and healthy, and hubby happened to get me some greek yogurt that weekend.

It was a peach flavored greek yogurt with real peach jam in a separate corner. Basically you just open up with jam and make scoop out the jam to mix into the yogurty goodness. I think they also have other flavors like honey and blueberry (if only they had coffee!).

I tried a bit of the jam by itself and boy was it sweet! It was really nice with the slightly sour and dense yogurt because it gives it a bit of oomph.

And it tastes really nice with some cheerios to add some crunch!

Healthy and delish meal that you can enjoy while watching the TV, browsing some magazines, or making a long to-do list like me.

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