Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Upon coming back from work, Hubby treated me to my fav Mexican joint in the hood - Los Amigos

I was delighted to be back into the flamboyantly decorated room with Mexican inspired fresco art. Hubby reminded me of the raccoon on a tree bark on the wall, which I thought was extremely amusing. 

There weren't many people at the restaurant - probably more staff than customers. So we sat at one of the tables in the front section of the restaurant. Guess they get most of their business on take-outs, because I could see the delivery guy running back and fro. 

We took a while to peruse the menu, and then settled on the usual - guacamole, enchiladas rojas, and combo 3 with one tostada with guacamole, one soft taco chicken, one tostada chorizo.

We also got a papaya slushie with fresh papayas made on the premise. It was so smooth and juicy that it felt like eating the real thing. I couldn't believe how fresh and creamy it tasted!

As usual, the guacamole did not disappoint. Warm and soft, it hit the spot. Only minus was the chips, which were kind of small and not that suitable for dipping.

My combo and hubby's enchiladas came about 5 minutes after we started munching on the guacamole. I always to have to be careful not to stuff myself with tortilla chips, since Mexican portions are rather large (I only started cherishing American portions after a trip to Europe).

Tostada, Chicken tamale, and Chicken soft taco

My tostada was drizzled with a sauce verde, which I thought was too spicy for my liking. Otherwise I would have enjoyed the crunchy veggies on top of the crunchy corn shell a lot more. The tamale exceeded my expectations, as it was flavorful by itself. I didn't touch the soft taco because I knew I wouldn't be able to finish it.

Chicken enchiladas in red sauce   

Hubby's enchiladas came in a bed of red sauce. I thought the spiciness in the sauce was a little overpowering, without much other flavors other than spicy. Wasn't my cup of tea (had to down several gulps of the papaya shake to gulp it down).

Both of our dishes came with a side of rice and beans, which I wasn't sure how we managed to finish, since our portions were large enough in of themselves.

The rice didn't taste that soft this time, and the beans were kind of meh, with a few overcooked pieces. Guess it's been cooking in the pot for too long.

Feast a la Mexicana!

Neither of us finished the rice and beans, so we took it to go alongside the soft taco. I wiped the guacamole clean, because it was so good. The next day we had the leftovers at lunch time, and I thought the taco was the best I've ever tasted (and I don't even like tacos!).

The bill came out to be $33, which was a bit more expensive than I had anticipated.

We took the long way home to digest, and spotted this sign:

Ironically, there was a car parked right in front of it.

*** (3/5 stars)

Los Amigos
2273 31st St
Astoria, NY 11105

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