Monday, June 24, 2013

Pizza Palace

Pizza Palace. I know, the name sounds really cheesy, but I've always wanted to try this joint everyday on my way home.

So the other day Hubby and I stopped over to experience what we observe to be the entire neighborhood hooked on their pizza. (They have a nice sunroofed patio where patrons can people watch while eating their stringy pizzas, and where hungry pedestrians like me can drool over their pizzas.)

Undoubtedly, we decided to go for their pizzas. They offered a whole variety of Sicilian and pizza pies, sold either on the whole or in slices. It takes a while to decipher their complex menu written on the wall, since they have a pasta section and a pizza section as well.

Right away, the potato margarita caught my eye. Big round slices of roasted potato covered the surface area of this intricately juxtaposed pizza, with drizzles of I-don't-know-what-sauce drizzled over it like chocolate sauce.

We got a slice of that to go, which was a really giant slice enough for two (not-so-hungry) people.

On my way out, I took a look at their Sicilian pizzas, which looked equally appetizing, like the tomato and fresh mozzarella one shaped like a flower.

When I asked for a takeout bag, they gave me a small carryout box, which was very nice (and expensive on their end I'd imagine) of them.

The pizza looked and tasted glorious. Despite it's heavy appearance, it tasted surprisingly soft and mild. You almost have to savor the sauce on top (I think it's a BBQ marinate) to savor the taste. Only downside was that the crust was a bit too hard towards the end.

I've never taken the time to thank the Italians for imitating the Chinese xian bing (i.e. fried patty stuffed with scallions and minced meat), mistakingly putting the ingredients on top inside of inside. Thank goodness they did, because in the process the world owes to them this delicious golden pie.

Taste is worth a thousand words. Hubby and I had to agree that Pizza Palace is indeed the king of pizzas in our neighborhood. Next time we'll probably sit down for a meal there to enjoy the sun deck view.

**** (4/5 stars)

Pizza Palace
Corner of 31st Street & Ditmars Blvd
Astoria, NY

Kids/family-friendly (there's even a machine-operated rocking horse for all the kiddies to enjoy while their parents are feasting)

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