Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Taco Truck

For those of you who know me, I love tacos. Especially tacos from the taco truck. Last weekend to satisfy my taco craving we headed over to the newly renovated El Ray taco truck.

I almost couldn't recognize the truck at first, because it was really newly purchased. A whole new model of truck without the usual El Ray signs. But at the front bumper there was the clearly marked Mexican flag.

There were only two guys manning it, and they seemed to be cooking up a storm. The customers before us ordered 4 boxes of tacos, and they were waiting for their endless sauces to go along with. We must have waited a good 10 minutes before our order was made.

We got a tostata with breaded chicken and a beef taco. The tostada was loaded with beans, veggies, tomato, and lots and lots of breaded chicken. I was surprised that their chicken tasted really good, the bread crust was just the right degree of crunchiness, the salad with flavor but not too much, and the beans that tasted like guac on top of the tostada.

Not sure how the beef taco went, but it was downed pretty quickly. I love you El Rey, why can't you be parked everywhere I go?

**** (4/5)

El Rey Taco Truck
3301 30th Ave
AstoriaNY 11103

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