Friday, August 23, 2013

Taro, Red Bean, Green Tea

Taro, red bean, green tea - a trio of asian flavors. Do I need to say more?

I guess I will, or else you might be confused as to what this post about. Ice cream of course!

I sampled some more asian flavors, and thought I'd share them with you. One of which is my absolute favorite - red bean and taro - together. Though I'd rather have a creamier ice cream instead, a popsicle will do to jolt my energy on a lazy afternoon at work.

This ice cream bar is rather mild, without a lot of sugar or flavor. You can taste the distinct red beans prodding out of the popsicle though, which I thought is a very good thing. The taro you can't really taste, but they throw it in there anyway to wet your appetite.

Another sampling I did was Mr. Green Tea ice cream. This is perhaps the most robust and well balanced ice cream flavor I've come across in a long while, with the just right degree of sweetness balanced with the intensity of an authentic green tea flavor. Six thumbs up.

The choco-chip on the other hand dimmed in comparison next to the blazing green tea.

And finally - the red bean ice cream. Again, this was not that creamy or sweet, as most Taiwanese ice creams are. But there is a distinct red bean flavor and actual beans as you can see throughout the bar, which is a nice touch.

Despite a lack of mind-blowing taste, as least you're not packing in a lot of calories. I'd probably try some more exotic flavors next time, like lychee or even durian.

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