Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Breakfast in Paradise

I want you to take a moment and close your eyes...
....what do you see?
If you are happy (and tranquil) enough to see this, then call yourself lucky...


Well, I definitely considered myself lucky, because that's what I found myself waking up to every morning, along with a cup of...

...really creamy cappuccino, the ultimate way to start your day in this tropical paradise. The milk here is much more creamier than the water-flavor ones we have back home and carries a flagrant aroma similar to European milk.

We began our day at Aquamarina, one of the resort's three a-la-carte restaurant that's open for breakfast. The breakfast menu is as extensive as the dinner we had yesterday, if not even more so.

Our meal started with a pastry selection. On our first day in paradise I chose the ribbon pastry sprinkled with sugar. By yesterday's dinner I had already decided not to count the calories lest my heart stop from the shock of knowing how much I ate.

Thankfully, there are detox juices to prevent your heart from actually working. I got the Exotic Greens with spinach, cactus and a bunch of other goodies while hubby got the Tulum featuring fruits of the tropics like pineapple and guava. Both tasted really good, but the Exotic Greens had just the right balance of sweet and savory.

Mayan Eggs

For breakfast, I got the Mayan Eggs just because it sounded exotic. But I was pretty disappointed to find out it was actually just scrambled eggs with Chaya (kind of like Mexican spinach), plus a side of beans and avocado. I had to ask for a bottle of ketchup to down the flavorless eggs.

Mexican Crepe
Hubby got the Mexican crepe, stuffed with pumpkin flower and huitlacoche with pablano chips, which tasted a lot better than mine. It was at once creamy and tangy inside, with the flowers adding a touch of sweetness to the otherwise cheesy filling.


After our hearty breakfast, we decided to walk it off. Somewhere down the mile walk back to our room, we met this little guy.

Apparently there are also crocodiles in the area too, since the resort is built around a real cenote. We  walked a bit faster after seeing this sign.

When we got back, we found a little Muslin rag doll at the door handle. I had to take a picture of it because it was just so darn cute - the uniform is exactly the ones that the staff wears at the resort. I almost thought it was a joke but realized later that it's actually housekeeping telling you that they are inside.

So. Cute.

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