Friday, June 12, 2015

Brunch by the Ocean

One of the best things you can do at the beach is to sit by the lounge chairs, sipping a beverage of your choice, reading or staring into space, and then order food when you feel like it.

At our resort, that practice is common - in fact, so common that no one even bothers to swim anymore. The regular routine for most the guests is to have to breakfast by the ocean, grab a beach chair and lounge around until it's dinnertime. Amazing and awfully fattening, right?

On this lovely day we decided to do the same. Believe it or not, we actually didn't "hit the beach" until our third day here, because neither of us were avid swimmers, so we were too scared of the ocean, especially what happened last time we went to the ocean.

One thing you have to remember here is that everyone, and I mean everyone, requires a tip. It's best if you can exchange a bunch of $1 bills (around 100 of them if you're here for a week), so that you can tip the golf cart driver, the waiters, the concierge, the list goes on and on. Or you can exchange some pesos when you get here, with the best exchange rate being 15 peso:$1 with the locals in town.

Their bill kind of resembles the plastic Canadian bills that won't get damaged even if you put it through the washer.

So we grabbed two lounge chairs, got our magazines ready, and started to bathe under the warm (sometimes overly so) sunlight. I actually really wanted to venture into the waters, and I did try, but there were patches of really rough stones in the water. So I borrowed a life jacket and some duck feet shoes and tried again, except it was really hard to walk in the duck feet shoes. I ended up returning both without swimming at all.

By the time it was lunch we ordered a storm from Ceviche, the tapas restaurant - one because we were hungry and two because we were cheap and didn't want to double tip.

For starters, I got the fruit plate with a drizzle of honey.


And some jalapeƱo cheese bits, which were super delish and hit the spot with the sweet and savory fillings. It's also not as spicy as the name suggests, and you can dip it in the berry sauce it came with.


Hubby went all healthy and ordered a strawberry walnut salad, which tasted nutty and crunchy, probably the best salad I've tasted so far.

We went all out with the nachos and guacamole. On our way over, I read in the in-flight magazine that guacamoles have become somewhat of a rarity, even though it is so easy to grow in Mexico, most of the land is owned by the cartels, so it's hard to get irrigation to grow it. Now they're called blood guacs, kind of like the blood diamonds in Africa. I think the guacs at the resort were probably imported from California, because they taste exactly like the Haas kind back home.

To finish I got the lemon pie, which we had before and really liked, especially the crunchy caramel topping.

I ordered an ice coffee, and they over-delivered with a chocolate drizzled frappucino, which I really enjoyed, since you can actually taste the cocao in the chocolate sauce.

Hubby got a mango slushie, which hit the right spot to go with this quick and delish meal.

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