Saturday, September 1, 2012

Fresco Tortilla

After a crazy wedding day, we spent another long day unpacking all our presents - yes, I got 2 big mouth juice extractors (exact same one!), one slow cooker, an ice cream/sorbet machine, one waffle maker and a frap maker...enough to start my own coffee shop.

Needless to say, we were both pretty beat to cook. So we headed to the taco truck outside our house, but unfortunately it wasn't there yet.

So we went to Fresco Taco, a ridiculous cheap Chinese-run tex-mex joint. All the tacos and burritos are below $2.50. It's even featured in the New York Times because of how cheap and filling it is. Even the most expensive entree cost $5.39, which includes a side of beans and rice, and a pop. 

It's a small hole-in-the-wall with about 10 seats. There's one Chinese lady at the counter taking orders from walk-in customers and delivery. She goes at a super fast speed writing down orders, and must have asked for our order at least twice in the 5 min we were reading the menu.

There were two Chinese workers and some Mexican ones working in the open kitchen. One was at the grilling station grilling large mounts of meat, and another was busy filling up the tortillas. Apparently they purchased their own tortilla pressing machine similar to a panini machine.

They are pretty efficient as our order came just 5 min after we ordered. They were also preparing a lot of meat for the rest of orders for delivery. Most of the people coming in seemed to be regulars, ordering by the number on the menu.

Hubby got a meat and a green pepper tortilla, while I got a beans and cheese one. It was pretty good for the most part, I really liked the mildness of the beans which had the consistency of red beans. I couldn't really taste the cheese because it was also really mild.

It comes with a side of salsa, which is pretty spicy. Next time I would love to try to the jack cheese quasadilla, and their guacamole tostada.

Although it was pretty good, you're getting your money's worth in that it just doesn't taste that fresh. A kind of artificial taste lingers in your mouth after eating half of it. But still, wouldn't complain because of the price.

Fresco Tortilla
*** (3/5)
Kids-not-friendly (good for take-out or delivery)

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