Thursday, September 6, 2012

La Guli

Two Saturdays ago while hubby and I were feeling pretty sick, we went to La Guli for a pick-me-up in the morning.

This is our friend's fav bakery, and last time when my Mom came to visit we went inside for a visit. When you looking at the front window, there's a barbie doll cake that attracts you right now (or maybe defer those who are not into the pretty skinny doll image).

Inside, there's a huge counter lined up with pastries, and then a couple of tables. There was only one person when we got in sipping his coffee and enjoying a breakfast pastry. We grabbed a table and got a small coffee.

They sell a huge assortment of Italian cookies and pastries that are worth a try, at least once in a lifetime.

...such as the pignoli tart, which is a tart sprinkled with pine nuts. The pecan tart looks like a miniature version of pecan pie...yummmm. Only downside is that it's pretty expensive.

I was a bit overwhelmed by their huge variety of cookies. Personally, I'm not a fan of hard cookies, so I probably wouldn't buy these unless it's for someone who does.

I wanted to try an almond horn, but was looking for something softer to chew.

So I opted for the mini-oreo cheesecake instead.

Just kidding. I went for a French cannoli. (But I would have loved to try the Oreo or turtle mini-cheesecake!)

This was perhaps the best pastry I've ever had. Soft, flaky crust wrapped around a creamy filling of well, cream. It was oh-so-delicious, and topped with a cherry on top (literally). Plus, it tasted so good with the strong scent of coffee. Absolutely divine.

Hubby, on the other hand, got a giant chocolate elephant ear, which was extremely hard to bite (and given his state of tooth conditions, I have no idea why he picked it). Plus, it was hard to decipher just what was covering it, the chocolate I mean. It had a weird plastic-y taste, and when you bite into the cookie all you could really taste was the almost chemical texture.

I swapped half my cannoli with his weird elephant ear because I felt sorry for his poor teeth. Sigh, that's why men are from Mars. Next time I'm picking his pastry for him.

La Guli
*** (3/5 - mostly cuz of the elephant ear)

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