Friday, September 7, 2012

Tomato, Noodles, Eggplants

One night during the hecticness of the wedding week I settled down to cook some dinner for hubby. I wanted to throw together something quick and simple, so I boiled some pasta and threw together some eggs and tomatoes.

The pasta is uber easy to cook - just add in some noodles to boiling water, then transfer over to a heated pan. Add in some butter, tomato sauce and hoisin sauce (or any other sauce to your liking).

Since we got an eggplant the weekend before, I decided to cook half of it with some canned corn to add in a splash of color.

I marinated the eggplant in salt for half an hour before hand, reminding myself to not over do it since the eggplant easily soaks up the salt. Afterwards, I just dumped the marinated eggplant into the pan and threw in the corn plus some of the sweet corn juice to balance the saltiness.

Unfortunately, I didn't expect to cook the corn for such a long time, so it ended up a little undercooked and hard to bite. Eggplant cooked the Chinese way is supposed to be soft, mushy and tastes like soy sauce.

Hubby really enjoyed the spaghetti with the eggs and tomatoes. He managed to finish the entire bowl, minus the little chunk I took for myself.

Easy dinner that can easily be replicated any time =)

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