Thursday, July 25, 2013

A Full Fridge = ?

You know, there's nothing I like to see more than the sight of a full fridge. Unfortunately, I don't often get to see it that often at home, because I don't cook that much now (double whammy).

But when I was home visiting the parents, I was treated to a full fridge almost every day. There's nothing more refreshing than seeing a whole section of condiments on the side panel, stuffed to the brim. So much so that you can't even close it sometimes.

And of course, there's nothing more satisfying than a home-cooked meal (that you don't have to cook). My fav dish is this eggplant, cucumber and peas, a lovely concoction of soft and crunchiness drenched in a bed of soy-saucy peas. It goes great with rice or pita bread.

Did I mention pita bread? Our family loves - absolutely LOVES - pita bread. I sometimes think we're not very Asian in this regard, because we're willing to ditch rice for this stuff any day.

The stuff next to the pita bread are scrambled eggs with a bit of flour. So like an egg and green onion pancake.

We always make sure there is a soup with our meal, something lighter tasting that can soak up the bread. This one is our staple - the cabbage and mushroom blend. Not much taste, just makes you feel warm and tingly inside. (We do drizzle a dash of extra virgin olive oil in it to give it some life.)

Our family loves veggies. Lots and lots of it. At any given meal, you'll be sure to find some collard greens and julienned cucumbers stirfried in a minimal sense. Just some oil, salt and a little pinch of sugar. This helps to retain the vegetable's original taste, and keeping its freshness for consumption.

My Mom marinated some tofu with soy sauce and sugar. This is made with firm tofu, and you can make it many days beforehand and let it sit in the fridge to take out for every meal. I sometimes have it as a light snack, because the tofu soaks up all the flavor, so the longer you leave it, the more flavorful it becomes.

Oh yes, and let's not forget the beet salad. This Russian dish has been a keepsake at our dining table for as long as I can remember. All you have to do is boil the beets, cut it up and add a spoon full of mayo. The beets are naturally sweet for flavor, and the mayo adds some tang.

And to top it all off, how about a lovely berry yogurt popsicle? Courtesy of Costco, of course. This one tastes so healthy that you can feel the berries as you're licking it. Also, it's made out o soy milk, so you can taste the soy milky bits as well.

Moral of the story - a full fridge = a good time = a lot of food = food coma = I'll let you figure out the rest =)

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