Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Pizza Bananza

My favorite food is pizza. Enough said. And when you have friends that make it for a living, that's like, going to pizza heaven.

This hunk of a pizza is made by my baker friend. It's oven roasted with handmade crust, gourmet toppings like pepperoni and chicken that's melted into a pool of pull-apart cheese.

The end result is this. Doesn't look that conspicuous of a flavor bomb, but in fact it's layers of meat that tastes like it has been marinated in tomato sauce. And as much as this sounds disgusting, the flavor intensity actually increases the longer you leave it. I had a leftover slice two days after, and it was like eating soft bread soaked in tomato sauce, with layers of chicken and pepperoni. (The pepperoni, however, was bathed in a thick layer of oil.)

They also offer vegetarian options like the one above, which is mushroom and eggplant. The one below is a cross between meatlovers and veggie-lovers: a pepperoni eggplant pizza. The cheese they use is grade-A mozzarella, the kind that tastes like real cheese but not stuck-up like European cheese that can only be eaten as dessert.

I like their crust because it tastes more like bread than pizza crust. It's not as hard, but a softer texture like New York slices. Below is a pineapple ham creation with sprinkles of peppercorn.

So you can customize your pizza according to your own preferences, which is really nice. Next time I would like a brocolli artichoke asparagus pizza - veggie delight!


  1. hm, i've never actually had their pizza. now you make me want to try =P
    love the ham & cheese scone/biscuit thingies though =)

  2. Yea definitely try it someday, it's really gourmet! I find the ham & cheese a little dry, but the monkey bread is awesome!