Monday, July 15, 2013

Family Corner Revisited

This morning we hit up the familiar Family Corner for some hearty brekky.

It's probably the most popular joint on the block, because the waitress seemed to know everyone in the store. Almost every table was full when we got in (families and singles included), so we sat at the table on the far end, which happened to be the exact same table we sat on last year when we came.

I liked how there were Yelp reviews on the menu. Seems like it's really the "in" thing right now.

Prices seem to have inflated since that last time we were here (which was about last year this time). The breakfast menus seem to be double the price. Ah good ole recession. 

Hubby got the silver dollar pancakes with sausages, his fav. I got the one egg done up any style (scrambled for me) with home fries and English muffins.

My home fries were sooooo delish. Toasted and crispy on the outside, soft and tender on the inside. Five thumbs up, and much better than the spicier version I had last time. The egg was bland but edible with a dollop of ketchup.

English muffin with butter was slightly over-toasted, and a little hard to swallow. The coffee helped to put it down the digestive track, though it too was a bit too strong. Had to dump a lot of milk (or was it cream?) in mine to kind of dilute it. Shoulda tried the water.

We managed to clear our dishes. I guess either we were really hungry, or the portions have gone down (which I think they have). I woulda liked more fries actually, and maybe try my egg sunny-side up next time. 

The waitress complimented us on our clean plates, and she jokingly told another patron that he shoulda done the same with his breakfast wrap. Granted, the wrap was huge, and the guy did eat a banana on the side.

Despite the fluctuation in prices, this corner remains the fav homey restaurant of the block.

*** (3.5/5)

Family Corner
2102 31st St, Astoria, NY 11102

Kids-friendly (the waitress will probably know their name too)

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