Saturday, June 9, 2012

Family Corner

I'm sure every family has a weekly tradition. Today, we may have started one of our own at...

Family Corner

This little dinner is literally around a corner, and run by a Greek family. And there are people of all ages coming to it - from young ones in diapers to war veterans. The owner seems to know everyone there, so I guess they have lots of regulars. The place is actually pretty busy, with sit-ins and deliveries. There was another couple some tables down who said that they were getting married soon and that this was their weekly tradition.

The waitress was really upbeat and perky. This was evident when I hesitated a little when she asked us if we both wanted coffee (and yes, I have gone back to my coffee addiction - old habits die hard...sigh).

Coffee charge

I really wanted to get the banana chocolate chip pancakes, but didn't know if I could finish all 3 of them myself. Thankfully hubby got some silver dollars with eggs and sausage on the side (the waitress said he's not messing around with his breakfast =). So I got the most basic scrambled eggs with home fries and toast instead. 

Scrambled eggs with home fries

The eggs were nicely done - soft yet chewy, and flavorful on its own. The home fries with onions and spices were a little disappointing. I think they were a little too overcooked, so it was kind of dry. I had to drench mine with a bunch, and I mean a bunch of ketchup.

Homefries drenched in ketchup

My toast came a little too burnt, but were nicely crunchy with some butter and grape jelly (they didn't have strawberry).

Semi-burnt Toast

I tried some of hubby's pancakes. They were fluffy and tasted pretty good with a healthy dose of butter and syrup. 

Buttering up

And the sausages tasted really good too. They tasted almost a little sweet, which brought out the taste of the seasoned meat.

Eggs n Sausages

I guess we were pretty hungry, because we cleaned up all the plates....

Cleaned up plates

They also sell a wide assortment of Greek and Mexican foods for lunch, like these stuffed tomato and peppers here. We might come here next time for lunch!

Family Corner


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