Saturday, June 23, 2012

Riding the Wave

Last night we finally checked out Wave Thai, the uber-popular thai restaurant near my place that the whole town is raving about.  We had originally planned on going to LAUT for their Malaysian week prix fixe, but had a change of plans. So we went to Wave Thai instead.

We dropped in around 7.30, and the place was bustling about. Due to the busy-ness, the manager was also part of the wait staff in the family-run business. He was really friendly and seated us down with a joke.

Since we just had a downpour, it was kind of muggy outside, so we got the last two seats inside tucked away in a corner, beside a family with a small baby called Stella sitting on a high-chair right next to us.

Wavy menu

Everything about this place had a wavy theme, from the menu to the forks to the lights in the decor. It was dimly lit with red wavy lights on the ceiling. A candlelight on the table casted some light on the food.

Wavy fork!

I really liked their buddha-inspired water fountains outside the restroom. Although they didn't mark the gender, you could tell by the statue beside the restroom. 

We were pretty much starving when we got in, so we started ordering right away. While we were ordering the cute little baby Stella kept on starring at me, so I played with her a little bit. Her parents were really nice and kept on calling me the "nice lady".

The wait staff is really attentive. Soon after baby-talking the appetizer arrived - curry puffs with potato and pork with a side of marinated cucumbers.

Curry puff

Much to my surprise, the curry was not pungent at all. It was more sweet than spicy, which fit my palate perfectly. When you take the first bite, the flaky pastry greets your taste buds, and then you are welcomed thai-style by soft and fluffy potatoes intermingled with more chewy pork. The meat tasted a lot like char-siu pork buns. I also really liked the crunchy sweet and vinegary marinated cucumbers, which was refreshing and palate-cleansing against the slightly heavier puffs.

Only downside though is that there's only 2 puffs - I could have easily stuffed another one down =) oh and another downside was that mid-way through this delicious dish, hubby spilt iced water over me, and I was drenched =(  Ah well. 

But right after I came back from the restroom, my Malaysian iced tea arrived =)

Malaysian iced tea

This is really similar to Viet-style coffee, but the syrup tasted like molasses, giving it a special twang.

We ordered a curry and a noodle dish. I've never tried Thai curry before, so I didn't want anything too strong. Thankfully, hubby chose the exact one as the one I was looking at - the Massaman with coconut milk, potatoes, carrots and peanuts. Basically, it was like your staple meat-n-potatoe stew with curry and coconut milk.

Massaman Curry

This was a relatively mild spice whose aromatic spices lingered in your throat, but it wasn't a bad lingering, it was just addictive! I think I must have been reincarnated in Thailand one lifetime because I really enjoyed the sweet-n-spicy combination. Actually originally I thought I wouldn't like it, because perhaps because I didn't eat at an authentic Thai restaurant. 

The curry came with a side of rice that you should dip with to absorb the spices.  

Keeping in tune with Thai-cuisine, we ordered Wave Thai's own rendition of Street Noodles, which was like pad thai but less spicy. It came with bak choy, Chinese broccoli, and minced garlic. We got it with vegetarian duck, which had the appearance of eggplant and the consistency of chewy bean curd. Since it was spongy, it easily absorbed the black bean sweet sauce. This is a flavour-intense dish, but it didn't leave me thirst-mongering like most MSG-drenched Chinese noodles.

Only thing was the beef was way overcooked, making it rough and uber-hard to chew. I had to spit out most of mine =(

Street Noodles (aka Pad C U)

We cleaned up all of our dishes, down to the last rice. It was amazing, and I was super-stuffed.

End of the wave

But we just had to try the fried ice cream. It came with a flaky, doughy exterior that once you bit into, the sweet and still cold ice cream welcomed you with open err...arms I guess.

Fried Ice Cream

When we left, Stella's parents kept on thanking us for being so nice, but I couldn't understand why they did, because who wouldn't be nice to a cute little baby waby?

I'm really glad we had the change to plans to visit Wave Thai, because the taste was right-on (except for the overcooked beef), the service was great (minus hubby spilling iced water on me), and the total bill was $40, and that's including an appetizer, a drink and a dessert.

Wave Thai
**** (4/5 stars)

Kids-friendly (sort of, if it's not too crowded)

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