Monday, June 11, 2012

Strange Sightings - Updated!

If you ever walk around the city that never sleeps, you'll notice some strange and funny signs around town. Like this wonderful pet service...(in case your pet wants to go shopping or an excursion out of town on its own)...

Now wouldn't this be useful for your pets?

Teenagers are rebellious creatures, so I'm not surprised of this parlor in St. Mark's place. It's whatever, whenever (you can literally watch someone get a tattoo in the store window), and wherever (I'll let you figure that one out yourself).

Sometimes family feuds are unavoidable (especially over fussy pets who wants their own taxi service or getting a whatever tattoo). So things get really bad, please visit...

Now if you're ever in need of ham, or used cars, or maybe both, check out this place...
Ham Used Cars

Maybe the owner's name is Ham?

Given the huge influx of Chinese immigrants nowadays, signs saying "We Speak Chinese" is a must to attract a large chunk of potential business.

We Speak Chinese

Speaking of Chinese, somethings things get lost in translation, perhaps intentionally. For instance, this sign saying "Busy Mall" is the direct translation of "Today's Market". Hopefully it's not too busy to serve customers.

 Busy Mall in Flushing

Same applies for the restaurants in Flushing, like this Happy Beef Noodle Restaurant. Not sure what is happier, the beef or the noodle, since both will arrive at the same fate.

 Happy Beef Noodle Restaurant

I'm always a little skeptical about self-proclaimed "yummy" dim sum joints, but then again, I could be wrong about this one.

Yummy Dim Sum

Yes ladies and gents, this New Good One beats out the Old Good One by a long shot (now available in Long Island City).

New Good One Chinese Food Take Out

Some of the products you find in Chinese supermarkets are also pretty out there too. Like this odd pinkish wiener called Mister Swifts...

 Mr. Swifts hot dogs

Don't worry vegetarians, there's a product full of savory oxymoron for you too...

Vegetarian Duck Meat

For junkies, you can have a burger everyday with the Every Burger...

Every Burger (Candy? Crackers?)

And finally, a calling for Chinese snack food manufacturers to urgently fulfill the demand for melamine and other contaminated products in the US.

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