Monday, June 18, 2012

Mickey D's

I know, I know, this is normally a big no-no for a diet conscious fanatic like me. But hey, everything in moderation. Once in a blue moon can't hurt you, right?

During a rest break, we grabbed some MacDonald's for lunch. I wasn't really hungry, so I got an Oreo McFlurry (which I love dunking fries in, but this time I decided to omit the fries to detox a little from a calories-packed weekend), while hubby got a 10-count chicken McNuggets.

The price at this crowded rest stop was a little over-the-top, even more than the price in the city. For a McFlurry and McNuggets (no meal), it was a little over $8. The price is starting to resemble China, where a McDonald's meal can cost you an arm and a leg (at least for the average Chinese worker).

Nuggety Goodness

I'm usually not a fan of McNuggets, but boy were these good. Crunchy on the outside (plastered with starch albeit), and tender on the inside (made from un-free-range, un-organic fed chickens albeit). The honey mustard sauce was sweet and tangy. Although I only had two nuggets (didn't want to deprive hubby of his), my tastebuds were thanking me.  

Oreo McFlurry

The coolest - and perhaps scariest - part about McFlurries is that you don't know what it's made out of. What kind of ice cream doesn't budge when you shake it upside down?

Amazing Feat

Nevertheless, no one can beat the taste. And the best part? Because it's so creamy and sugary, it leaves you feeling hungrier than when you started!

Guess that's the secret behind Mickey D's - have 'em coming back for more, even when their bodies are begging them not to! Hey, I fell for it, and so can you =)

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