Thursday, June 7, 2012

Cool gadgets

The folks at the product development department are always conjuring up new ways to entice our taste buds and enhance our cooking experience, but would you ever buy some of the stuff they come up with?

Like this Sure-Fire Condiment Dispense...

Sure-Fire Condiment Dispense

This baby will definitely give you a head start in any food fight!

I would definitely buy anything with Arther on it, especially if it is a chocochip cookie mix.

Arthur Choco Chip Cookie Mix

And of course you need this piggy to hold your sandwich (lest it be eaten by any pigs lurking around =).

Piggy Sandwich Container

And who wouldn't want a cute cuddly panda to hold your ricey wicey?

Panda bowl

No monkeying around when you're eating now!

Monkey bowl be continued...

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