Sunday, June 17, 2012

Weekend Getaway

A weekend of relaxation isn't far from reality. You just have to throw away your iPhones, iPads, Blackberries (but you can keep the blueberries and strawberries) and book yourself a nice BnB to getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life.

We did exactly that this weekend, and ended up with the best R&R in a while.

Surrounded by country-fresh air and overlooking the scenic Catskill mountains, our little BnB called the Twilight Lodge was a two suite house transformed into an antiquish residence. We got lucky because the man working there gave us the family suite, which we didn't really order in the first place. It came with a nice main bedroom decorated by warm colors, another room with double bed with somewhat scary looking pictures, a kitchen and a bathroom.

F for Family

I was delighted to find that the linens and bathroom were clean and there was a fresh supply of towels awaiting the guests. The kitchen was a little rundown, but hey, what do you except? I don't think anyone has used it in ages. 

The owner of the BnB, Barbara, is an old-world Hungarian lady who owns two travel agencies in the city, runs an antique shop next door to her BnB, organizes fundraisers for charities, embroiders her own tapestry using fine yarn from Paris and Belgium, all the while traveling the globe collecting antiques. That's why the whole place is decorated with antiques like this old-world poster advertising cakes (or is it cigars?)

In the morning, we were welcomed by a family style breakfast in the backyard behind the retro cabin house with heart-shaped window accents.

Cabin house

Breakfast Table

There were four other people staying at the BnB - James, an Australian clinical psychiatrist, another couple from the city, and a mysterious person who never showed up for breakfast (didn't know what he/she was missing!)

Breakfast at BnB

The eggs were scrambled with cheese and mushrooms, which added texture to the softness. The bacon was crisp and crunchy, a nice addition on top of toast smothered in cream cheese. The veggies and cheese were nicely presented in party-style oeu d'oeuvre. 

My favorite was the cheese. It was smoked with a sweetness akin to maple syrup, a bit nutty like walnuts and crunchy like bacon. I thought it was probably maple-walnut-bacon gouda (from Last Chance cheese?), but I could be very wrong.

While Barbara chatted away about her life's adventures around the world, I was absorbed with tasting the richness of the cheese. Upon the first bite, it was like a mild explosion of taste in your mouth. Then I had to really stop myself from stuffing the whole cube into my mouth in order to savor it. 

Delicious Cheese

After breakfast we took a nice little walk to the nearby waterfall behind the garden. It was quiet sanctuary, but I was constantly on the lookout for bears like the one we saw the other day.

Bear sighting


Unfortunately I didn't really get to see the twilight due to the fear of seeing bears, but the lodge was very peaceful and a great getaway from the city lights.

Twilight Lodge
**** (4/5 stars)

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