Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Walk Around the Hood

While waiting for a seat at Yunnan Kitchen the other day, we walked around the eccentric Lower East Side. Most of the restaurants are unique and quirky, with a hip or grungy demeanor. 

Now sometimes we'd all just like to forget about the troubles of life and assume a different identity, if it is only for an hour or two. I was really excited when I spotted this just across the street from the Yunnan Kitchen...


Back in high school I was really into the TV show Alias, so this brought back some fond memories. And even the font style is in the same font as the show! But I was really surprised (just as I was watching double-agent Sydney Bristow assume a myriad of alias with wigs and accents and strange clothes) when I found out that this restaurant actually serves seafood. Seafood? I guess Bond might eat caviar.

Pok pok wing

Pok-pok wings specializing in - you guessed it - chicken, but with a Thai twist. Of course, for a slightly more juicy taste, you can try...

Fatta Cuckoo

I kind of wanted to try this one just cuz of its name...


Dodompa reminded me of Timbuktu, which is just as castaway as..


Really like the tribal-esque, Survivor-inspired doorframe. For the really adventurous, you might want to venture into...

Temple of Ankh

for some Middle Eastern cuisine. 

Now for those of you out there who are more right-brain thinkers, there's the geometrically friendly Cube.

...which true to its name, has rubix cubes above the doorframe. 

Now bet you can never guess what kind of cuisine they serve...hint: Which ethnicity has the most prestige for math-related nerdiness?

That's right ladies and gents - Japanese! Wander if their sushi comes in cubes. 

Now for those of us who want to feel a little lucky, you can't go wrong with... 

Prosperity Dumpling

Although the chinese characters 成功 actually means successful, I guess it sounds kind of dumb if your dumpling joint were called "Successful Dumpling". "Auspicious Dumpling" maybe. If I ever start my own dumpling place, I'd call it "dUMPHling", because I plan on using quality, high-end ingredients like black truffles with Australian lamb to umph up the dumplings so it will rise above its food truck/cheap Chinese food stereotype. 

Now if you're looking for a good cup of Joe and a sandwich or pastry to go with, there's the ironically popular...

Tiny's Giant

Not sure about the size of its food servings, but seems pretty popular with lots of take-out and deliveries. 

And then walking a couple blocks to Soho, we found this neat little bookstore.

Dangling Decor

And in the featured books section, we found this lady who you don't want to mess with...

This little cupcake place looks really cute...

Little Cupcake Bakeshop

Featuring delicious treats like this...

Well that's it for now. Tune in next time for another episode of Strolling Around...

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