Saturday, June 16, 2012

La Pancho Villas

After a morning of canoeing in the lake, we were pretty hungry to say the least. Craving for Mexican, we hit the La Pancho Villas, the town's Mexican joint.

La Pancho Villa

From the outside to the inside, the festive decor of La Pancho sets the tone. Authentic Mexican restaurant with a cactus pole and funky lights in the shape of stars.

La Fiesta Cactus

The starry bar

Their choice for salt and pepper shakers though were a little questionable...

Salt and Pepper Coronita

Although California reportedly has the best Mexican food on this side of the border, I think La Pancho comes very close. 


While munching on home-made tortilla chips dipped in sweet and tangy salsa and guacamole, I wracked my head deciding between the cheese quesaedilla, enchilada verde, cheese and beef tamale, chicken ensalada or the burrito vegetale. All of them were reasonably priced at $10, and came with servings of rice and refried beans.

Home-made tortilla chips with in-house salsa and guacamole

The crunchiness of the chips was irresistible dipped in the fiery sweet salsa. We finished a whole basket before our food came. The waitress (guessing is the wife of the owner) was pretty nice and offered us another basket, to which we nodded profusely. I had to sip my ice tea pretty frequently to wash down the spiciness. My face even turned red with heat after eating 15 of these chips non-stop.

Chip addition

When the waiter came up, I asked him what the difference was between the burrito and ensalada, and he replied that the burrito was more saucy. So I went with that, since I wanted something with a little more cheese inside. Hubby went for the shrimp enchilada. 

Our dishes came looking almost identical, except the shrimp was drizzled with tomato cheese sauce and mine with a cheesy sauce. 

Burritos vegetale

Turned out the burritos were a little too saucy for me, but the veggies were pretty fresh. The sauce tasted a lot like alfredo sauce except with even more cheese, which I didn't really like. But the refried beans paired with rice was simply amazing! 

Shrimp Enchilada

I took a bite of hubby's shrimp dish, and it was one of the best marinated shrimps I've ever tasted. The shrimp was thoroughly marinated and chewy, so that added some texture to its soft tomato-cheesy shell. It was a lot more flavourful than my dish for sure. 

We dug through our dish, but after all those chips it was getting a little difficult. I'm surprised there weren't more customers (most of the people in town, I was even more surprised, hit the Last Chance place). Alas, we found this little gem and we're keeping it to ourselves.

Remains of Guacamole

Had we known this Mexican restaurant was that good, we would have come here rather than the Last Chance diner the day before. Oh well, all's well that ends well.*

La Pancho Villas
***** (5 out of 5)

*Regrettably, being lactose intolerant, although I enjoyed the meal, my poor little stomach did not =(

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