Thursday, June 14, 2012

Midtown Pizza Showdown

On the NY pizza spectrum, 99c is the best deal per slice. The other end of the spectrum is probably Naples, an upscale Italian restaurant in Midtown.

As luck would have it, I had to eat on the run twice this week. Once I grabbed a slice of mushroom mozzarella from Naples (second visit there), and the other a 99c pizza from Lexington and 46th (first time experiencing the cheapest street grub!).

I was amazed at the difference. It was literally...

99c Pizza

Naples mushroom and fresh mozzarella 

...bland vs. tasty. Guess which is which? 

(Gotcha! Tricked you with the ordering =)

For pizza connoisseurs, Naples might be upscale and quality food. But for regular pizza-lovers like me, the 99c pizza was way more flavorful. Upon first bite, it was salty. But as I dug down deeper, it gave me a nostalgic feeling of back in elementary school cafeteria. Now that was real pizza. Cheesy, chewy, and not to mention oily, just as pizza should taste. I had to rub down the oil a bit. Plus the price is amazingly cheap - $3 for a small pie on weekends, and $2.75 for 3 chicken fingers. I would like to try their fries sometime. Only downside was that I got harassed by a couple of amigos ><

Naples on the other hand - and I know I'm probably refuting my previous Naples entry - was pretty bland. The mozzarella, although fresh, was tasteless. Nil, zip, natta. The mushrooms didn't really add to it. Someone told me later that I should try the three cheeses pizza, but I think after this 99c experience, I'll stick with the cheaper and tastier one.

99c Pizza
Lexington and 46th

**** (4 out of 5 stars)
Kids-not-friendly; standing seats only

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