Monday, August 6, 2012


Breakfasts are the best part of any day, and the most important meal of the day (especially if you starved the night before).

I always enjoy weekend breakfasts because there's more time to sleep in and cook up a good meal. This past weekend, hubby - and his stomach - was quite satisfied with his fav - pancakes n eggs.

It's real simple to whip up. Whip together some pancake batter and water, then heat up a frying pan with butter or a thin layer of oil on high.

Drizzled with (real) maple syrup

Drizzle that mixture (it should be a little bumpy but not too runny) onto the pan, and turn the heat to low or even just turn off the stove. The trick is to use the hot temperature as it cools to give you that crispy coating without burning it. When it's golden browned, flip it over and repeat with the other side. The other side is kind of tricky because by now the heat has dissipated, so you might need to turn it to medium high.

Eggs could not be simpler - whip together some scallion bits and eggs, seasoned with black pepper, a notch of ketchup, some hoisin/oyster sauce (or soy sauce would be fine) and a splash of sugar. This gives the eggs a lovely seasoning, which I like versus dipping plain eggs in ketchup.

Then heat up that frying pan again, drop in the egg mixture with a tablespoon of water, and shove it around to scramble it. I've never been successful with omelets, mainly because I don't know how to turn it over without ruining it. Do you guys have any suggestions?

For me, I like to take it a little healthier with toast and jam.

 Jam n Marmalade

Topped with some pork sung (pork flakes) of course.

If you're in a hurry like I was the other day, a pork sung egg open sandwich should do the trick. Just heat up a frying pan, drop in some oil or butter, and crack an egg in. Sprinkle some pepper, and flip it over to cook the other side.

One done, transfer onto toast (I like to use Chinese bakery toasts because it's a bit sweet and has a nice texture when you chew it), and sprinkle with a generous dose of pork sung. That should start off the day with a ha-ya!

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