Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Little India

After dinner at Bhojan's, we wandered around Little India to help digest our excessive gluttony.

Every restaurant on this street seems to be owned by the same person, Shiva Naterajan, an infamous chef and restauranteer. (Hubby's fav Indian restaurant Chola is owned by said person). In particular, Singapura, the Asian-Indian fusion restaurant beside Bhojan caught my eye. The storefront has a wall full of abacus, which I thought was pretty neat.

A bit further down the street we found the Chinese Mirch. I almost thought it said Chinese Muck.

According to Hubby, this is an Indian-Chinese restaurant, replete with samosa springrolls and popcorn rice.
 Popcorn Rice (They should have this at the theatres!)

I really wanted to try some of the Mom-and-Pop Indian diners served in buffet-style. Many includes large chunks of halal mystery meat.

Then we stumbled upon something totally out-of-place...

That's right, New York's finest and furriest nanny service. Don't judge it by its sign, because this critically-acclaimed dog nanny service has won numerous awards, including Best Dog Nanny of the Year. I joked with hubby that he should send me there - bark bark.

As we walked down Park Ave South, we stopped in front of a print shop with a giant picture of:

which I thought was really neat. Hey, if you can train a dog, next step up would be an elephant. Wonder if the Dog Nannies can tackle that one.

There was a roster of diners and restaurants down Park Ave South, from the raucous to the romantic.


I figured there's some sort of mathematical algorithm in calculating which restaurant comes where. It's usually a pattern like: French, Asian (most likely Japanese), Diner, Asian, American. Because the French with their passion for art and tradition likes Japanese stuff, and the Japanese just adore les francais. The new-age American stuff is for white collars and party-goers seeking a cool hangout after hours. And you have to stick a diner in there for those folks that just want some good ole' comfort food.

There were also signs for restaurant week specials everywhere, including City Crab, which I really wanted to try. 

City Crab

New York really is the city that never sleeps, because even after our meal and little adventure, there were still tons of people laughing, wandering the streets and partying until the weekend arrives (for more partying).

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