Saturday, August 4, 2012

French Korean Bakery

After stuffing my face with fries at the French bistro Le Parisien, hubby and I walked it off with a visit to Korea town. I visited all my fav shops, like the Face Shop and this bakery called Tous les Jours. 

A note on Korea's obsession with France - while walking to Korea Town, we kept on seeing all these Korean businesses with things like "French model clothing" or "French style tires". Not sure if it's koreanified French stuff or frenchified Korean stuff, but if it's as good as this bakery, then it can't go wrong.

Everything here looked like they were made with precision. The rolls, flaky pastries and cakes looked as if they were airbrushed. It's a very Korean bakery because I saw ones exactly like this in Korea, where all the food is made to fit Asian taste buds. (You can tell because the cheese on the bread rolls looks way too fake.)

I wanted to buy a roll or two of their breads.

Plus they had a fridge full of house made ice cream bars. I got the Green Tea flavored bar. 

Their cakes look absolutely ravishing (the above ones are plastic though, just for display). I would love to try a piece next time.

There were a lot of Chinese tourists in line oohing and gaahing over the cakes. I was as usual taken as a Korean person and greeted in Korean.

At the checkout counter I attempted to speak Korean, but stumbled because I didn't know how much she was charging for the popsicle. Need to improve my Korean next time I hit a Korean joint! 

The green tea ice cream bar was full of creamy, green tea flavor. It was so good! (and tasted pretty healthy!)


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