Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Household Finds

I'm going to start off with this picture. Anyone notice anything?

Look closely. 


Well, it's a subway rat that I saw on my way home last weekend. Its head is squeezed between the second and third cables down at the bottom. (Just glad it's there, not in my home!)

Found some neat things browsing the stores over the weekend, like this (rather rude) tee about Canada.

Who do you think we are, eh?

For gimicky picniky items, Pier One is your choice for...

The ultimate hot dog condiment server

Speaking of picnics, you definitely need one (or two) of these babies...

And Costco's got boxes upon boxes of them in their store!

I've always wanted to find this (because I'm definitely not smart enough to do it myself)...
Even tells you when you've run out of toilet paper!

We also checked out Aldi, the super cheap supermarket. Hubby pointed this out to me so that next time, we can reduce our fridge storage and make life simpler.

Like a two-in-one for your bread!

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