Thursday, August 9, 2012

Simple Dinner

Last weekend after a long afternoon nap, I woke to up a hungry hubby. So I had to whip up some quick dinner.

What's more simpler than eggs + tomatoes?

Simple beat an egg and heat up a frying pan, then drop it in. Turn down the heat so that the eggs do not burn. When the eggs solidify, set it aside on a plate. Then drop in the tomatoes, and fry it until the juices ooze out (sounds kind of gross, huh?).

When the tomatoes have become mushy, drop in the eggs again, and sautee for one minute. During that time, drop in two teaspoons of sugar (to balance the sourness of the tomatoes) and one tablespoon of soy sauce. Mix well and transfer to plate.

Next, we have the cheese and chicken ravioli, which comes in a frozen package. Just boil some water with a dash of sea salt, and then drop them in. Make sure not to overboil the raviolis, or else they will fall apart like one of mine.

Meanwhile, sautee some onions with artificial crab meat.

Then simply drop in the ravioli, and mix it around. 

I used some pasta sauce, oyster sauce and a dab of sugar.

Mix until even, and then plate.

And there you have it! A simple fusian dinner - east meets west in the best possible way.

But of course, sticking to my strict yogurt-for-dinner diet, I had some of this lovely kefir yogurt:

(But then hubby insisted I had to eat more, so he stuffed down 3 raviolis and some eggs + tomato. Grr..)

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