Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Funky Asian Snacks

How do you like to eat your crackers?

Apparently Kraft is catering to the Chinese population by providing funky Orea (pronounced ow-li-ow ni Chinese) flavours like birthday cake, green tea, ice cream, mango and mandarin orange.

The original peanut-butter and cheese fillings is replaced with “fantastic beef stew” and “very spicy chicken”. It’s also trying to tap into the health conscious crowd with flavours such as red date and sesame.

Reminds me of the awesome green tea and black sesame corn flakes I once had in Korea. If only they can sell them here! 

But I did find these delicacies at a Chinese supermarket:

Asian snack pack

They are in clockwise order from the bottom left:

- Crunchy spicy tempura seaweed
- Tea-flavoured tofu
- Green tea nougat
- Sesame saltine crackers
- Green tea cakes
- Cappuccino flavored wafers
- Sweet yam crackers
- Green tea egg roll

Don't be scared, they're not all for me. You know Nelly's song "I'm like a bird, I just wanna fly"? Well,   I'm like a bird, I just wanna bite of everything =)

And of course to top it all off, a giant lolly!

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