Saturday, May 26, 2012

I Scream 4 Ice Cream!

The other day in Chinatown we stopped by Chinatown's infamous ice cream factory. I laughed out loud when I saw this...

Linsanity Flavoured Ice Cream

...and I immediately texted it to my Linsanity-crazed friend. I'm not too fond of sprinkles, so I didn't get it, much to her dismay.

I was feeling like something crunchy, so I vetoed all the Asian flavors like red bean, taro, sesame, lychee, green tea (which I didn't see!) and went for....

Mocha java

It was pretty crunchy and satisfied my caffeine cravings, but I regretted it after a few bites. Should have gone for the authentic Asian flavors. 

On a separate occasion, we were taking a nice long walk along Long Island City's boardwalk and saw an ice cream/frozen yogurt food truck. I wanted a crushed cookies frozen yogurt, but they ran out, so we got the chocolate peanut sundae instead.

Scenic Ice Cream

The ice cream surrounded by a bed of crushed peanuts was lovely. The ice cream itself wasn't too sweet, so the chocolatey sauce around it upped the flavor. 

We sat on the park chairs that resembled beach chairs, deliciously enjoying a scenic view of New York. Perfect way to end a summer night.

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