Thursday, May 24, 2012

Snacks galore!

I'm a food junkie at heart, and cannot resist trying all kinds of funky junky foods. A friend recently brought back this green-tea flavor Kit-Kat bar from Japan. They have every flavor of Kit-Kat's imaginable - sesame, red bean, mocha, and even pizza. 

Green-tea Kit-Kat

Opening up the magic

It was just exquisite - the mild green tea is soothing and subtle, almost like eating a crunchy tea bar (now there's an idea). But you really have to savor the green tea coating to feel the flavor felt on your tongue.

Since I really like crunchy and sweet things, Loacker is another one of my favorite snacks.

Loacker Quadratini

These little cubes of happiness are great with coffee or tea. They come in a dozen flavors - vanilla, mocha, expresso, chocolate, hazelnut, tiramisu, and even unconventional ones like lemon and black currant. A choco-addict friend of mine once used black currant Loacker as a fruit replacement. The result? 5 pounds.

Mango Yogurt

I'm also a huge fan of yogurt. I picked this one up at the Grand Central Market. It's an all organic yogurt made in Long Island (yes, this means real cows!) I tried the mango flavor yesterday, and it was pretty good. Solid yet smooth, a great meal-replacement.

Giant Ketchup Bottle

And this one is just for kicks. Found this icon in the middle of City Hall Park. I was lost and circled the park, until I found this beacon of hope. And miraculously, I found my way after a sacred moment in front of this Daddie's ketchup =)

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