Saturday, May 26, 2012

Packed with a Bang

Like all good wives, I'm constantly exploring ways to spice up my hubby's lunch to make it healthy yet exciting.

Last week I tried a guacamole-cucumber jalapeƱo beefwich, which sounds quite gourmet but failed miserably because he said the guacamole was mushy and made the sandwich taste weird.

So I looked on NY Mag's Grub Street for some ideas on yum-wiches. Being a banana-nut, I loved The Elvis - peanut butter, bacon, banana and honey on white toast - by Peanut Butter & Co. That would probably be a great breakfast hit.

Another one I'd like to try is the $2 poor man's Beijing sandwich from Chinatown- Sesame Pancake with thin slices of beef, pickled carrots, cucumbers and cilantro. One spin-off idea is Peking duck crepe - slices of duck, green onions, and the oh-so-delicious brown sauce wrapped a thin scallion crepe. I think that'll be a definite food-truck hit.

The Venezuelan patacone sounds pretty exotic, with two slices of fried plantain to replace boring slices of bread. Not exactly sure how to fry it up in the morning and keep it fresh to last til lunch though.

Men's Health has some pretty good sandwich ideas too that has been tested and tried by The Minimalist Mark Bittman (one of my fav chefs to deliver the simplest meals with the biggest bang). I'd like to try the Pear and Cheese and Eggplant Parmwiches.

Looking at these sandwiches can get you pretty hungry rather quickly, so I went to the market to experi-wich right away.

My first creation was this tuna-cucumber-hummus sandwich. It was basically made with everything I thought was edible in my fridge, namely, cucumbers, tuna, ham, cream cheese and hummus.

Cucumber-tuna-ham-hummus wich

The result?

Boo...hubby said it tasted kinda funky. He likes his dan-wich way better - ham, sausage, cheese, more cheese, and honey maple mustard.

This is a lot easier to make anyways =)

Finally there was this fruity salad, comprised of lettuce, cucumbers, yellow bell peppers, tomatoes, whew I'm getting tired listing all this stuff, onions, and some blackberries on top. I didn't have a small container to carry the salad dressing, so he brought the entire dressing bottle to work. 

Fruity salad

The verdict?

He was hungry an hour later, and went to grab some pizza. Boo. Next time I should put in some protein. 

If you've got any ideas/suggestions for healthy, hassel-free lunches, feel free to share =)

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