Thursday, May 17, 2012

One Mean Jerky

I'm not a big carnivore, and also not a fan of spices, but recently I found this awesomely delicious beef jerky -  Soo Jerky's Fruit Flavoured Beef Jerky.

It's got this sweet twang with a nice balance of saltiness and Chinese five spice flavor (but it's not remotely spicy, and that's for my non-spice tolerant tastebuds), that just melts in your mouth. Of course you have to chew it a little bit, but it's not as hard as the American jerkies.

There's other flavours too like Spicy Satay Pork Jerky and Five Spices Beef Jerky. You can find this brand and the Formosa brand of jerkies in any Asian grocery stores near you.

My mom prefers to make her own beef jerky, because she thinks everything nowadays is loaded with msg. She cooks it pretty well but it dries up very quickly, so I'm trying to find a method to make it more tender to last longer. If you guys have any suggestions, that would be greatly appreciated!

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