Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Au Bon Patisserie

The other day before sending my Mom off we got some Au Bon Pain for dinner. 

It was the one at the Times Square station, in a little corner outside the subway. Nonetheless, the treats lived up to the name.

We got a scallion bagel which was incorrectly placed under the Honey Bagel label. When I took a bite of it, I was pleasantly surprised of the salty and slightly sour dough. It was light, chewy and flavored with scallions. It paired nicely with the coffee I got which I mixed in a generous dose of honey and milk.

Scallion Bagel

We also got this almond croissant.

With a surprise honey walnut ganache filling!

Honey filling

Now this is the stuff that French treats are known for - the rich, gooey, melt-in-your-mouth goodness, all complemented by a light crunchy bread exterior. Les surprises dans les patisseries!

Cinnamon Scone

Last but not least we got the cinnamon scone. This was the least tasty out of the trio, perhaps also because we came in with high expectations for this one. You could definitely taste the cinnamon and walnuts, which was nice, but it was a little on the dry side. It does tastes wonderful when you wash it with some sweetened coffee like my honey-milk concoction. 

A sweet way to part with a loved one, I highly recommend pastries at Au Bon Pain (and trust me, their sweetness takes away the pain!)

Au Bon Pain
Not really kids-friendly (not even adult-friendly, more grab-and-go, at least in NYC), but definitely kids-pleasing

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