Thursday, July 12, 2012

Last Night's Supper

Yesterday after I got home, I was completely and utterly starving. I was contemplating whether or not to get a taco or tostada from the taco truck outside my place, but decided against it because I wasn't sure whether they could break $100 bill that I had. So I went into the grocer's and picked up some snacks and of course, bananas.

Then I was about to faint on my trip back, so I started snacking right away on my snap-pea croutons. They were delicious-ness and then some.

Finally, I got back home, collapsed on my sofa, and started munching on my banana-Cheerio-vanilla Kefir-neopolitan ice cream dinner while gogo-gaga-ing over the latest edition of New York Magazine with cheap eats around the city. I imagined that my yogurt was a scrumptious fish sandwich from Miles End, or even a slice of 75 cent pizza from the corner store.

Alas, I decided to transfer this hunger into real food by cooking up the rest of the perishable foods in the fridge. Hubby has been complaining that we need to finish all our foods in the fridge and in the cupboards before restocking, lest the annoying summer bugs come back.

So I started baking the herb-rubbed chicken and washing the organic broccoli that my mom had got me when she was here (that was a week or two ago), and then started cooking up some eggs to make fried rice. Since I didn't have any tomatoes, I cracked open a jar of pasta sauce and grated Parmesan on top, much like a rice bake.

Boiling broccoli

Grated parmesan rice with eggs

Chicken bake

After boiling, I put in some sesame sauce, sugar and salad vinegraitte for a fusian-style broccoli salad.


Then I packed up all the food for tmr's lunch (what'd you think? I was gonna eat it for dinner? Not me, lads, for I am still on my pre-wedding diet >< )

Almost looks store-bought!

Takeout broccoli

When hubby got back home, he was hungry and wanted some dinner. So I heated up the extra rice, broccoli and a chicken drum.  He likes the broccoli (since he gets shrimp and broccoli every time he orders Chinese foods), and said the rice tasted weird like all my other fusion food (well apparently he didn't know what was in the broccoli hehe). And the chicken he said was good but had traces of blood still (which is true). 

For dessert I gave him a chocolate fudge Financier cookie that someone else had given me. It was soft, chewy and full of chocolaty goodness. Yum yum in the tum.

Of course, after all the fun, there's always the dishes. Sigh.

This is life, after all 

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