Monday, July 9, 2012

Sunac Fine Foods

I had a quick dinner today with a longtime friend at Sunac Fine Foods on 6th Avenue. It took a lot of effort trying to find the place, because I was confused as to where to go after leaving the 28th Street subway on the 6 train line. A stranger told me that I should remember 3pm - 3rd, Park and Madison - which is nice acronym, but the problem is I have no idea which way is east or west.

Well this time I didn't walk too much before realizing that I was heading the wrong direction. I quickly navigated myself with my trusty GSP, but still took considerable effort in finding the right direction on 6th.

On my way over, I saw the most amusing sign -

Yes ladies and gents, introducing the Museum of Math, catering to nerds and geeks of all brain sizes. I think I would actually go for the heck of it (that plus I was once an avid member of the Math Club).

Finally, after considerable trekking across the Flatiron district, I arrived. While waiting for my friend, I browsed through their endless selection of fresh salads, sandwiches, desserts, snacks...the coolest thing on their menu is bulgogi burgers, which is basically a burger but with Korean-style grilled marinated beef inside. It's very Korean influenced, so I'm assuming that their owner is also Korean.


They also sell these amazing macaroons that come in wondrous flavors. I should really get these babies for a wedding dessert table.

Like the one with the flower on top? (furtherest right)

I really wanted to try that, but seeing as it was dinner time, I didn't want to splurge too much. So I got a tofu stuffed with red peppers and chili and some seaweed from their salad bar.
Tofu with seaweed, sugar snap peas and water chestnuts

The tofu tasted AMAZING - soft, tender, yet firm enough to hold on its own. It also absorbed the soy sauce sesame mixture nicely. The sweet red peppers blended in with the slightly spicy green peppers, adding to a color fiesta inside the doughy tofu. I later found out that the store actually makes their own tofu, which is why its has a silken smooth texture in your mouth. The seaweed was dressed with a sweet sauce, which I really liked, and the sugar snap peas were crunchy and retained the original flavor.

Hubby, who is also a health nut, got a spinach salad with olives, shrimp, red peppers, chicken, and artichoke hearts. 

Spinach Salad

He used to gasp as the price at Sunac when he was living in NY, but just having come back from Toronto, he was surprised that everything was so cheap. Guess the inflation is really hitting the T.O. 

It was a lovely quick meal with a good ole' friend. We actually bumped into another mutual friend of ours while deciding what to the eat, and the mutual friend said that he was just thinking of hubby as he walked it, because guess what? Hubby always gets their pecan tart! I jotted that down - will get hubby that tart once he recovers from his root canal (poor baby, must be because of too much sweets!)

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