Monday, July 2, 2012

Sweet Summer Treats

Summer time is finally here, and what better way to celebrate the hot, muggy weather than to enjoy some desserts?

Anywhere around town, you'll find a handful of eye-pleasing desserts enticing your tastebuds. Like the ones I found near Times Square with delicately frosted flowers.

Elegant Cakes

Or how about these egg-tartish cinnamon raisin pastries?


And of course your back-to-basic fruit tart and a slice of chocolate galache moussecake.

The great thing about eating these treats in the summer is that you can easily burn it off walking in the heat. To cool off, you can always get a cup of lemonade from a cute little kid standing on a street corner.

Lemonade anyone? (aint for 25 cents no more!)

But I'll bet after a good walk, everyone will be screaming for...

Don't be fooled now, this isn't your average ice cream cone. It's not even a ice cream store! Guess what this store sells?

You guessed it (or maybe not)! Make-your-own sewing kits, including this giant ice cream cone. This was a pretty funky store I found in the Upper West Side. Next to this store, there was a cute little bakery with overhanging flower banners.

Didn't seem like they sold a lot of stuff, but everything there was inspired by flower designs.

Here are some real delish ice cream available at your local grocer's.

I sampled this gelato on a recent trip to Morton Williams. Out of this world! But I couldn't get it then or else it would melt by the time I got back home, so I got this instead from my local grocery store.

This was not bad either but the chips can annoying sometimes. So the next time I got some coffee Starbucks ice cream, which btw tastes awesome with cereal or for the serious coffee addict with a healthy dose of strong coffee (like a Frappacino!).

Now guess where I spotted this?

Yes, this is the Chinatown ice cream that I should have ate on my last visit there, but instead I found this at a Bed Bath & Beyond. Betcha never woulda guessed that one =)

And of course, let's not forget these wonderful creamsicles generously bestowed upon us by the summer dessert deities. I'm surprised there's not more flavours of these around town.Would love to taste a cracked salt bar.

Melting Almond-sicle

And now for something completely different, a yarn store in the Garment District. I just thought this was so cute, but definitely won't be sporting this in the sauna-esque summer of New York!

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