Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sweet Rampage

Okay, call me crazy. The other day I wasn't really feeling all that hungry for lunch, so I hopped over to Grand Central for a quick fix. 

I grabbed a slice of crumby crumb cake from Zaro's. Everything else was as usual overpriced, but this pre-pkged item caught my eye. Just the right size to fit my cake/coffee cravings, all at the convenient price of $2.59.

The pkg isn't lying, especially the part about the thing being crumby. It was, needless to say, quite crumby. Recommended utensil is a fork. It isn't that sweet, but the crumbs are sweeter than the cake, which is surprisingly not that heavy.

The sweet, almost-crunchy crumbs with slightly dense cake pairs nicely with a cup of creamy cappuccino or latte. I overdosed on caffeine, so it ended up having a weird aftertaste.

Lite choice choco-expresso soft serve

More on my sweet tooth rampage that night. After dinner with hubby in town, he treated me to some lite choice soft serve. It was between this and mint choco-chip, and I'm glad for once I finally got the right choice. This choco-expresso is not rich nor sweet, perfect for a light dessert after a heavy dinner.
Hopefully, we walked most of it off on our way to Union Square to catch the train home.

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