Monday, July 16, 2012

Starbucks, Taco and Randomness

I got a chance today to see the new Freedom Tower. Personally, don't really like the design - looks more like an alien spacecraft to me.

On my way back, I caught sight of this popular Philly cheese steak food truck with white-collars lining up for their share of gooey high-calorie goodness.

It's amazing what people would do for good street food!

I smell a good business opportunity! (Philly-cheese dumplings anyone?)

Starbucks offered free Refreshers this afternoon from 12-3pm in special 12oz containers. I got a lime refresher which had actual lime inside. It was actually pretty good, but I think the lime tasted a little too artificial.

While waiting for our train, we saw some pigeons flying in and out, probably eager for Ciabatta bits...

Hubby got some tacos from Taco Bell to fix his mexican food cravings.

It was a little sloppy to eat, with all the tomato bits dropping all over the place.  The beef tasted too cooked up too. 

We took the Acela express business class, which has a lot of leg room and free wifi (that wasn't too fast).

I cracked open my bottle of Ronnybrook yogurt. This time I got the low-fat blueberry & pom flavor, which I thought tasted awesome (hubby thought it was just plain weird).

We browsed through their menu, but it was the usual suspects of chips, pretzels, pizza and sandwiches. But we got a coffee to perk up.

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