Friday, July 6, 2012

Lunch with Beans

Yesterday hubby got me some Loubie from Naya Mezze and Grill, a Mediterranean affair known for their kabobs.


It was like Chinese stir-fry western style, with string beans sautéed with tomatoes then drizzled with olive oil and garlic. It came with servings of pita bread.

Unfortunately I didn't have a container when heating this up, so it happened to be a little melted - the plastic box I mean - by the time I took it out the microwave. The pita bread too was zapped a little too much, and quickly turned hard afterwards.

Zapped apart

But the stringed beans was pretty flavorful but not overwhelming. I thought it would be a little too oily, but I found myself soaking up every last drop of oil with the pita. I just hoped that I didn't eat in melted plastic ><. (I also found out later that I was supposed to eat it cold =)

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